What can Polished Edge do for you?

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Synchronous Technology Training


Synchronous Technology is a design paradigm that puts you in control of your design without having to waste time thinking about CAD. 

This is a significant change in modeling practice and should be treated as such with dedicated training time allowed.  Since using Synchronous is different than modeling in the Ordered way, training to understand the new modeling is critical.  Full advantage of Sync cannot be realized until it is used properly to take advantage of the control and flexibility it offers.

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Custom Problem Resolution


Reference models bogging down your assemblies?


Complex parts taking too long to edit?

Detailed drafts wasting too much of your valuable time?


Polished Edge Consulting can help you resolve these issues!  Work with Melissa to find solutions with proven metrics.


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Tailored New Version Training


When a new release of Solid Edge comes out, it is filled with new tools and options that can save you time and money.  Yet, most of us don't adapt until several Maintenance Packs are released.  Polished Edge consulting can perform custom new version testing prior to implementing the new software release into your production environment.  This will allow you to adapt to new releases faster knowing that your files have been tested.  

Let Polished Edge Consulting train on the new tools that make the most sense for your team.  With hundreds of pages of "What's New" for each release, there is a lot you could be missing.

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Proven Best Practices


Solid Edge, like any other software, has processes that are more efficient when done a specific way.  Whether you are trying to work with large assemblies, complex parts, or intense drafts, there is a better way to do it.  Let Polished Edge Consulting provide proven best practices training so your team can work most efficiently.  Best practices that prove themselves with specific measured timing and file size improvements take the guesswork out of the ROI.  Polished Edge Consulting will provide practices in place immediately after training.

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