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It’s FINALLY time!

I recently prepared a blog post about why the upcoming RealizeLIVE conference is great for Solid Edge users to attend. When COVID-19 hit in the United States and much of this country’s (the world’s) “normal” life changed, so did this post. I’m no longer going to attempt to convince you to travel to Las Vegas, network with fellow software users, and hear about all the newest version tools. The Siemens team is adapting RealizeLIVE to be delivered virtually. Since this event no longer requires us to leave our offices, we can focus on something else. Visit the RealizeLIVE website to learn more and get information on the event.

During a strong economy, when companies are overwhelmed with production work, it is difficult to pull an engineer’s focus from their project. Justifying the time spent on training is difficult for some companies during the “feast” portion of a feast or famine cycle. With the competitive engineering market, deadlines are vital. Unfortunately, that sometimes means we just keep getting by with what we’ve always done.

Flip the Switch

We FINALLY have time to devote engineers to critical R&D projects. There is FINALLY time to train the department on Best Practices. We FINALLY have time to evaluate our design process for possible improvements. FINALLY, we can catch our breath long enough to focus on software improvements we hadn’t been able to investigate. There is FINALLY time to upgrade Solid Edge versions.

Take Action

Polished Edge Consulting is here for you in this FINALLY time that we’re in. I want to help you use your seats of Solid Edge to their fullest. I can step through your design process flow with you and identify ways Solid Edge can streamline the steps. I can teach you new tools that have been added in recent versions while you were too busy to adequately research and implement them. I can help you standardize your best practices and document them for easier training for future hires.

Let’s use this time to create an environment of exciting innovation for our products. Please contact me to learn more about how Polished Edge can help you create better products faster.

Stay healthy,


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